January 25, 2013

Deconstructing Thomas Louis Wood's NUMIDENT File

 NUMIDENT File for Thomas Louis Wood

There are several pieces of information we can obtain from Thomas Louis Wood NUMIDENT File. For example, the "X" after the XC: labels indicates the numberholder has multiple SSNs. The "+" sign after the page number indicates more pages of the NUMIDENT File exists. Other information is labeled and self explanatory.

Thomas Wood's NUMIDENT File 04/15/1977 Duplicate
Thomas Wood's NUMIDENT File 04/15/1977
The NUMIDENT File for Thomas Louis Wood dated 04/15/1997 is essentially the same as the NUMIDENT File dated 03/28/1977 with the exception of the ETC. ETC:2 indicates a duplicate application.

One additional piece of information we can discern from Thomas L. Wood's NUMIDENT File is that he was adopted after placement in a foster care program. At the bottom, of the page is mother's name (MN) identified as Mrs. Willin. It it not uncommon for children in foster care and adoptees to have multiple SSNs.

Thomas L. Wood's Mother's name change to Mrs. Willin.
Thomas L. Wood's NUMIDENT File indicating his mother's name (MN) has changed to Mrs. Willin.


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