January 18, 2013

36% Believe Obama is Hiding Biographical Information

A Fairleigh Dickinson University Public Mind Poll indicates 36% of a nationwide survey of registered voters think President Obama is hiding information about his background and early life. Also, the poll indicates 20% of Americans think that President Obama’s supporters committed significant voter fraud in the 2012 elections (36 % Republicans, 4% Democrats).

The Fairleigh Dickinson University polled 814 registered voters, nationally, by telephone with both landline and cell phones from December 10 through December 16, 2012. The margin of error was +/-3.4%.

During Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign, a employee with The Analysis Corp. was arrested and charged for a breach of Obama's passport records at the U.S. State Department. A principle with the The Analysis Corp., former CIA Agent John O. Brennan, was an adviser to the Obama Campaign and a political donor at the time of the arrest. It was widely reported and generally accepted Obama's passport records included information which could implicate him or associate him with the CIA as an asset and Brennan's firm was discharged with the duty to clean up Obama's passport records. Brennan is currently Obama's nominee for CIA Director.

Contributing to concern Obama was not eligible for the Office of the President of the U.S. was an AP photo published during the 2008 campaign of the school record of Barry Soetoro at St. Francis Assisi, Djakarta, Indonesia. The enrollment record, dated January 1, 1968, indicated Soetoro was born in Honolulu, HI on the same day Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, HI. The enrollment record also states Soetoro's father was Lolo Soetoro, his religion is Muslim, and nationality is Indonesian.

During the 2008 campaign, Obama admitted Lolo Soetoro was his step-father and he was in Indonesia in 1968 attending elementary school. Lolo Soetoro and Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro, were married in Hawaii in 1965. Obama campaign supporters have consistently and repeatedly insisted Indonesian Law would not allow Obama to be adopted by Lolo Soetoro and he could not be naturalized as an Indonesian citizen because of his age. Furthermore, Obama supporters insist his Indonesian citizenship is irrelevant to his allegience to the United States as a natural born citizen of the United States.

Obama was not adopted in Indonesia. He was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii in 1967. When the Soetoro adoption was finalized in 1967, Obama's original long form birth certificate was sealed by order of the Court and archived by the Hawaii Department of Health (HDOH). A sealed vital record is null and void for all future legal or administrative proceedings. In addition to sealing Obama's original long form birth certificate, the Court ordered a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) created and filed by the registrar of HDOH. Lolo Soetoro was listed as the paternal parent for Barry Soetoro for a live birth on August 4, 1961, Honolulu, HI and filed on August 8, 1961.

Natural born citizenship status is not held in perpetuity. Native born U.S. Citizens who move out of the U.S. are subject to the issuance of a Certificate of Loss of Nationality for expatriating acts and a preponderance of the evidence standard for a voluntary intent to forfeit U.S. citizenship. In Vance v. Terrazas, 444 U.S. 252 (1980), the Supreme Court of the U.S. reversed and remanded a lower Court ruling.

The Court must conclude that the citizen not only voluntarily committed the expatriating act prescribed in the INA, § 349(a), but also intended to relinquish his citizenship. Cf. Afroyim v. Rusk, 387 U. S. 253. Pp. 444 U. S. 258-263. Also, the Court ruled expatriation proceedings are civil in nature, and do not threaten a loss of liberty, and thus Congress did not exceed its powers by requiring proof of an intentional expatriating act by only a preponderance of evidence.

The Obama timeline is complicated, but it is well established through FOIA results, Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro was in Djakarta, Indonesia in August, 1967 to renew her U.S. passport. On her 1967 passport renewal, Dunham-Soetoro informed the U.S. State Department she intended to stay in Indonesia indefinately (sic). The U.S. State Department passport application ask an applicant for a departure date and return date to establish intent of the applicant to return to the U.S.

The applicant is also asked to affirm any person previously included on the applicants passport has not naturalized in a foreign state. On Dunham-Soetoro's 1967 renewal application has Barack Hussein Obama Soebarkah written in the Amend Include (Exclude) section with the name crossed out. The instructions on the application indicate the applicant should cross out the line swearing a person previously included on the passport has not naturalized in a foreign state.

A review of publicly available information of Obama's early years indicate enrolled in St. Francis Assisi, Djakarta, Indonesia, as Barry Soetoro, Indonesian National on January 1, 1968. Therefore, we can reasonably conclude Dunham-Soetoro removed Barack Hussein Obama from her passport in August, 1967 because the Soetoro adoption had been completed and Barry Soetoro was her son's legal name.

The publicly available evidence is clear. Barack Hussein Obama II was adopted by Lolo Soetoro in Hawaii, 1967, with a legal name change to Barry Soetoro. Soetoro's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham-Soetoro, established a preponderance of the evidence standard of intent to forfeit U.S. Citizenship for Soetoro by notifiying the U.S. State Department of intent to stay in Indonesia indefinitely. She then notified the U.S. State Department he should be removed from her U.S. passport because he has naturalized in a foreign state.


MarkR said...

So what was his name at birth? And how and why did it end up being Barack Hussain Obama?

davidfarrar said...

If Obama's 'legal' name was Barry Soetoro, when did he 'legally' change his name back to Barack H. Obama, the name he used to run for the Presidency of the United States in 2008?

ex animo

Anonymous said...

The point here, is that he did not legally change his name back, in fact a witness while in college stated that Barry should change his name back to Barak Hussien Obama to embrace his "Black" heritage. Obama did so, by just changing his name Illegally. He took on an Alias (also known as)

Caesar said...

Barack Obama is an illegal alien.

Caesar said...


MarkR said...

Don't pollute this blog with threats.

MarkR said...

the following questions:

1. Is the Bari Shabazz named in this traffic court report the same person Ms. Trowbridge calls “Bâri′ M. Shabazz” in her report and who is listed as “B M Shabazz” in the Social Security Death Index? If it is the same person, then that puts New Yorker Bâri′ M. Shabazz in Honolulu County, Hawaii, on March 12, 1982. Using a date of birth of October 28, 1959, this would have made Bâri′ M. Shabazz 22 years old at the time that he had this major automobile accident in Honolulu County.

3. Bari Shabazz was charged with driving without a driver’s license. The court ordered him to show proof of his New York driver’s license. Hence, Bari Shabazz must have told the charging police officer or the court that he did have a driver’s license and that it was one issued by the State of New York. Hence, Bari Shabazz must have been a resident of the State of New York. Also, what was Bari Shabazz doing driving in Hawaii with what should have been a New York driver’s license? Was he now living in Hawaii? Was he there on vacation? Was he there visiting family or friends? Was he going to school there?

5. Ms. Trowbridge shows that Bâri′ M. Shabazz, according to the Social Security Death Index, died in August 1994.

6. On October 30, 2005, or 23 years following the date of the accident of March 12, 1982, the court again re-visits the case of Bari Shabazz, noting that he did not owe the court any money but to “Pls. check.” Why would the court again concern itself with this case on that date, especially if Bari Shabazz was dead since 1994?

Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

The name Obama was using till age 22 was Bari Malik Shabazz.

MarkR said...

Born Barrington Hugh Smith, Kingston, Jamaica, Ocober 28, 1959. Changed his name in New York on April 9, 1980 to Bari Malik Shabazz.

MarkR said...

Actually, that was the date his Social Security record change was applied for. His name would have been changed before that. Indeed, as his Shabazz name is shown on residency records, his name must have been changed soon after moving to New York from Jamaica.

MarkR said...

Oh, and guess what? Bari M Shabazz had a forwarding address on Hawaii. Right around the corner from Frank Marshal Davis.

Anonymous said...

Interesting theory, but I see no proof. Might be good to network with Don Fredrick, author of The Obama Timeline(s), colony14.net.

He hasn't proven two U.S. citizen parents at birth. He hasn't even proven he was born here. Birth certificate, draft registration, Social Security number(s), are all proven frauds. Those alone are felonies, which should have him out of the White House, in jail.

We are furious and should plan to act on it, if our corrupt, treasonous officials won't. This is OUR country.

Anonymous said...

It all boils down to the intent of the founders; that a POTUS have NO ties to another country. That is why they designated Natural Born Citizen as one born in America to TWO American Citizens. Due to Obama's British father, and Indonesian step-father, Obama has ties to his father's country of Kenya, and Soetoro's country of Indonesia. Plain and simple, Obama IS NOT ELIGIBLE UNDER THE CONSTITUTION TO BE EITHER POTUS OR VP.