March 12, 2013

Grinols v. Electoral College; Obama Not Served

by Sven Magnussen

On January 30, 2013, Plaintiffs filed a “Request for an Expedited Default Judgment and a Proposed Default Judgment.” (ECF No. 64.) On February 28, 2013, the Clerk’s Office construed the filing to be a Motion for Default Judgment. On the same day, Plaintiffs filed an “Emergency Motion for a Stay of All Proceedings in this Court Pending Adjudication in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.” (ECF No. 76.) Plaintiffs want the Court to enter default judgment against President Obama because Plaintiffs allege President Obama has not responded to the Complaint within twenty-one days of service. Based on the reasons below, the Court denies Plaintiffs’ Motions. (ECF Nos. 64 and 76). (1)

(1) Because oral argument will not be of material assistance, the Court orders this matter submitted on the briefs. E.D. Cal. Local Rule 230(g).

- The Honorable Morrison C. England, Jr.; Chief Judge United States District Judge

Grinols v. Electoral College; Obama not served.

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Anonymous said...

It seems there is no possible manner in which to serve BHO. He doesn't have personnal attorneys. He hides behind his position as POTUS. His SS detail will be with him the rest of his life so he can never be served.

Sven Magnussen said...

Orly has until April 13, 2013 to serve Obama. She'll get'em. Patience and determination are the key.