March 14, 2013

Serving a Summons, Complaint on the President as an Individual

by Sven Magnussen

"Rickey," a prolific poster at Obama Conspiracy Theories, offers advice on serving a complaint and summons for a civil suit on the President as an individual and not in his official capacity.

From the website ...
Obama's New Personal Lawyer: Judith Corley

President Barack Obama has a new personal lawyer to replace Robert Bauer, who began work as the new White House counsel this week.

Perkins Coie partner Judith Corley will represent Obama in his non-official capacity, both in personal matters and in anything having to do with his political organization, Obama for America. Previously, Bauer, who was chair of Perkins Coie's political law practice, represented Obama in personal matters.
Perkins Coie, Washington D.C.

Free advice can be very expensive.

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